Ways to say an eco friendly goodbye to your books

We have all seen numerous mails and social media posts campaigning against the extensive cutting of trees for paper. While most of us take this as a joke and wish to ban exams at the thought of it, there is something more serious in the picture. Books and exams are an integral portion of every human’s life. We are what we know and hence the importance of books cannot be undermined.

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The environment is getting destroyed with each of our actions. While bringing about a collective movement may seem tough, we can all do our bit for the environment. Fourteen years of education equips each of us with a tone of books. What do we usually decide to do with it? Stack them in a corner and then seldom look at them again. They become the breeding house for bacteria and fungus of all sorts. Not only are we breeding a home ground for infections but also saying no to a major environmental transformation.

If you want to do your bit for the environment and are wondering how to do it, your search ends here. Here we have a list of ways in which you can say an eco friendly goodbye to your books.

  • Recycle your books: Recycled paper can be used to make all sorts of things. From being used to make clothes, an easier alternative is using them to create more paper. This is a wonderful way to work in opposition of cutting trees to make paper. Every city today has recycling mills that are looking for book donors. You can easily reach out to them and say an eternal goodbye to your books. Not only will it be better than stacking them but also ensure they are being put to good use.
  • Sell books online: This is another great way to put your books to use and earn some money. is an amazing online platform that allows you to sell your books online. The entire process is extremely simple and hassle free and should be given a serious thought. The books are reused by the website in various ways. They are open to accepting books across domains and subjects. Be it your child’s kindergarten books or course books from your masters course, there’s place for everything on the website.
  • Giving away books to charity: How many times have we tried to bring about a change in the society but failed because we lacked direction? Here’s a chance for you to undo your actions. You can contribute by funding a child’s education with your old books. Not only will this give you a good sense of reality but definitely bring a fairytale ending to your old books.

If you have a huge stack of books and are indecisive as to what to do with them, here are a few eco-friendly tips. A tree saved is a tree planted. Go ahead and do your bit for the environment by putting your old books to great use.



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