Want to live on Mars? Gala dinner in LA unveils first opportunities to eat like a Martian

If you could move to Mars, what would your house look like? Would you eat from your local hydroponic Martian farm, drink wine from the Martian vineyard and eat meat cultured by vegetarian butchers?

Mars architect Very Mulyani is building the first Mars City, on Earth, and is pretty sure your future home on Mars, with 40% less gravity, won’t be anything like what you own or rent on earth: “With lower gravity, a house doesn’t have to have a door touching the ground.”

And for food? These questions and more will be answered in Los Angeles on May 25, at the world’s first dinner for Mars. Grab a date, and take advantage of discount tickets, ($150 instead of $300 for Green Prophet readers, and $500 for VIP) as Mulyani lays the foundations for the first Martian city she is creating on Earth, in the Mojave Desert.

Her blueprint is smart: take a city that has a long time reputation as “failed planned city”, bursting with potential, hidden natural treasures beneath it and space enterprise all around it, and rebrand it into a city for Mars. The plan is to turn “the city that survived” in the Mojave Desert, into the first Mars City prototype.

California City was built in the 60s by real estate developer and sociology professor Nat Mendelsohn who purchased 80,000 acres of the Mojave Desert  to build California’s next great city to rival Los Angeles. Complete with a 26 acre central park and lake, the idea didn’t take off. Though about 14,000 people live there today, crumbling paved roads and loss of potential is evident everywhere. The city needs a positive boost.

This is where Mulyani plans on building the first Mars City prototype, and then scale the idea around the world. The new project will give a chance for real people to live in habitats that could simulate Mars, while creating an educational and innovation environment for real progress to made for our future on the Red Planet.

But before you buy your first condo on Mars, Mulyani’s event will let you get a taste of the future. An Evening on Mars she explains, was created for a few reasons: Once we live on Mars, we can’t only eat “potatoes and ketchup” like Matt Damon did in The Martian.

If people inhabit Mars, they will need to be aware of their food choices, and shape this future, Mulyani tells Green Prophet: “We will promote some of the food available for astronauts for the long duration of space travel to get to Mars, but also the long-term solutions needed for indoor farming in a region that is not very compatible with what we can eat.”

At the dinner, guests will get to sample future Martian food grown using an organic vertical garden, grown with hydroponics and some vegan Martian meat “made for astronauts who might miss a burger,” she says.

Mars Farm, Eddy hydroponics, grow food“Square Roots (by Kimbal Musk), Herbivore Butcher, Eddy, Mars Farm and other pioneers have begun developing and popularizing this concept, through hydroponic and aquaponic gardens. We will savor this new variation of eating healthy as if we were on another planet!” says Mulyani.

Gray Bright will be the Space Master of Ceremony –– with hosts such as The Mayor of California City, General Pete Worden, the Executive Director for Stephen Hawking’s organization; Loretta Whitesides, the first astronaut client of Virgin Galactic; and Dave Bearden, General Manager, NASA & Civil Space Programs at The Aerospace Corporation.

gray bright

The aim is to attract investors and donors who share the vision of creating Mars for the end goal while benefiting the prototype and sustainability technology implementation on Earth.

Building Mars City will require some planning. The group will build temporary structures in the desert for science retreats, art festivals and a space fashion show already planned for 2018. Permanent structures will be built later, from individual units of 3D-printed sustainable smart homes to the Mars Research lab, which includes: the Museum of the Future, science retreats for summer camps and Stargazers’ Park.

Future residents to Mars City (on earth) do not need to be scientists. In fact, Mulyani wants artists, kids, everyday people to be part of shaping the future.

And the big questions we want to know are, when Elon Musk’s group is enroute to Mars, what’s going to be waiting for them? How will Mulyani (pictured below,with friends) make it livable before then?

“The first three things we will build will include a spaceport where rockets can land safely, refuel and then operate the robots to prepare the land and build shelter and a base for humans. Then I hope these robots will then build a photo booth, an instant O2 homebase with a ready-to-eat growing indoor garden, and a satellite connected phone cabin.”

“We will have to come up with some technology where the humans are conducting their avatars which are designed robots, as if they live there already. I definitely don’t recommend humans to go before a safe and entertaining environment is set up, tested and passed through safety checks by Aerospace Corp,” she says.

And of course, Mars, is not just a question if it will happen, the question is when. But before we get there, dreaming and building will not be a waste, even if it takes another 100 years.

Mars, “teaches us that everything is possible, we can overcome our limiting rules and change the way we think. Mars, with all its natural challenges, gives us the discipline to think differently, survive differently and go beyond our comfortable habit to exist.”

Spirulina gnocchis anyone?

Thinking about moving to Mars? Get a taste at An Evening on Mars
When? May 25th, 6:30 to 9:30 PM
Where? The Skirball Cultural Center, LA

Link here to buy a ticket. Use code MARSFRIEND50 for 50% OFF



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