Travelling to Dubai? Vlugzee’s got an app for that

Dubai Globe Jumpers

Ah, Dubai. You are so new, and with such ancient traditions of your people at the same time. How does a visitor jump right into the swing of things, when they come to visit Dubai? How do you visit the astonishing architecture sites like the Burj Khalifa and the rest of the skyscraper lined sky? Or the Dubai Fountain, or the artificial islands or the Dubai nightlife? Or the solar energy projects? Or the Globe Jumpers in action?

There are also parties and events sponsored by racing companies, and even local events to celebrate fairtrade and local crafts. There’s an app for that – Vlugzee. It’s like a trip advisor to Dubai with thousands of articles that help you explore the Emirate with purpose, and like a local. To use it right, download the app on iOS or Google Play to get the best results.

Most of us have travelled somewhere for the first time. I really hate that learning curve and try to download as many apps as I can to learn about the local customs and traditions. Want a spa, a massage or just some R&R after your travels by 4X4 Jeep in the deserts of Dubai? Find it on Vlugzee

Until further notice Vlugzee is %100 ads-free so forget about those pop-ups. 



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