Tips for an eco-friendly (end of!) Summer holiday

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Anyone who spends a good deal of time looking for eco-friendly solutions in everyday life probably also wants to do their part even when going on holiday. If you are among the growing number of people who are always seeking a way to accomplish what you want or need to do without further endangering the planet, why not also carry that through to your summer holiday travelling plans?

Did you ever stop to think that there are ways to travel that use fewer resources and places to go where you won’t be using electricity made by fossil fuels and where sustainability is a way of life? There are actually loads of things you can do on a summer holiday that can be considered environmentally friendly, so make your next summer holiday a green one.

Choosing the Best Mode of Travel


When travelling, unless you plan on bicycling across the country, you will be using fuel of some kind. In fact, if you take the time to plan your trip well, you can use half (or less!) the amount of fuel you did last year. One suggestion that comes from a global environmental group is to consider exactly how far you will be going.

Most people automatically believe that flying uses less fuel than going by car but what about the amount of carbon being released into the atmosphere? When travelling short distances, your ‘share’ of the fuel used might be better spent in a car than on a plane as they do take a huge amount of fuel to take off and also during flight. When you arrive at your destination, how far will you be from attractions you intend to visit? Walk whenever possible to conserve fuel.

Places to Go that Are Considered Sustainable


You can actually have a lot of fun planning trips to sustainable locations throughout Europe. In fact, there are even travel agencies that specialize in locations that pay special attention to the environment and make a concerted effort not to make a negative impact on it.

Some exotic locations even use revenue from tourists to pump back into the community towards sustainable projects and to support the locals. These are wonderful learning experiences for those of us travelling from developed nations and as interesting as the local sights and sounds may be, their emphasis on a green economy is simply amazing.

Choosing Environmentally Friendly Accommodations

Tentsile is a hanging treehouse like tent

Of course you can always backpack it and camp in a primitive campground but when choosing a hotel or hostel, check out what they do about waste management and whether or not they derive some, or all, of their power from eco-friendly sources.

Most people who are really serious about conservation at home are also sincere in their efforts to choose eco-friendly lodging. If you put your mind to it and do a bit of searching online, you can find accommodations that use alternative power and operate in a green environment.

With so much emphasis on sustainable living, most countries around the globe have stepped up their efforts to do their parts in reducing their carbon footprint and working towards a greener tomorrow. Support those destinations that are making a real effort and travel there on your next holiday.

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