Three simple ways to lead a greener student lifestyle

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Most people today know what it means to go green, but when you’re a busy college student with a packed schedule, finding the time to switch to a greener and more environmentally friendly lifestyle might seem impossible. However, the good news is that there are several small changes that you can make in your daily life that takes little time or effort, whilst helping to reduce your carbon footprint and even saving some money in the process. You’ll be glad to hear that as a student, adopting a greener and eco-friendlier approach to your lifestyle doesn’t have to be time-consuming or require a lot of hard work. Here are some simple changes that you can make today to be a greener student.

#1. Take Electronic Notes


Today, the world is going digital and students are no stranger to the concept of digital. In fact, if you are studying remotely for an online masters in public administration, then you’ve probably found that taking paper notes is not necessary since you will have all the information that you need online. If you attend classes on campus, then it’s likely that you will be allowed to take your laptop or tablet along for taking notes, rather than using a notepad. Not only will this help you to be eco-friendlier by saving paper, it will also be kinder to your wallet since you won’t be buying notepads and flashcards.

#2. Recycle

Recycled shopping bags

Getting into the habit of recycling whilst you are at college can set you up with a good habit for life. No matter what kind of products you are using, it’s important to always be mindful about what can be re-used, and the trash that you can save from being put into a landfill. Paper and cardboard, plastic bottles, tins, cans, and food waste can all be recycled and re-used in various ways. At home, it’s a good idea to use a few different trash cans, so that you can easily separate your recyclable and non-recyclable waste without having to put any more effort in than usual. Don’t forget about the things that you can recycle yourself, either, such as taking old bags back to the grocery store to use again, or refilling your water bottles.

#3. Unplug

If you’re studying from home for your online MPA program, then you might find that you’re using more power than usual by keeping the light on when needed, or charging your gadgets all day so that you are able to work. However, the good news is that even busy remote students can find ways to easily reduce the amount of power that they use, without it cutting into their valuable time. For example, it’s a great idea to invest in a surge protector for your electronic gadgets; this will enable them to charge when needed using the minimum amount of power needed and you can simply flip the switch when you leave the room to turn them off. In addition, you can use energy saving lightbulbs and appliances around the home to keep your energy use to a minimum without even having to think about it.

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