The benefits of working from home as an eco-friendly trader

Many of us would like to live a more eco-friendly life but don’t plan on giving up on our careers in order to do it. Finding the balance between living a green, sustainable life and also enjoying good income is one of the big challenges of modern life.

Therefore, the opportunity to become an eco-friendly trader working from home is a tempting possibility for a lot of people who want to help the planet without losing out financially. With initiatives such as National Environment Day in UAE raising the profile of environmental concerns every year, it is clear that interest in green living is going to carry on growing in the Middle East region.

So, why could trading from home make this the ideal solution?

No More Commuting to Work

The first big benefit when you start working from home is that there is no more commuting to an office needed. When we look at some of the traffic figures for the Middle East we can see that it could really help if more people gave up the daily commute.

Dubai has traditionally been the region’s worst city in terms of traffic. Although the 15-kilometre commute from Sharjah no longer results in a round-trip that lasts for close to three hours on average, it is still a busy route that mirrors the traffic problems in other parts of the region.

The Dubai Smart Autonomous Mobility Strategy aims to turn a quarter of all journeys in Dubai into driverless experiences by 2030. This is expected to play a part in reducing carbon emissions by 12% but working from home is something that can make a difference to the environment immediately.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia are among the other Middle East countries in which numerous new developments have placed huge strain on the existing transport infrastructure. Every person that gives up the daily commute helps to ensure that the region limits the environmental damage caused while it continues to grow economically.

Part of a More Ecological Lifestyle

It is difficult to live an ecological lifestyle when you spend a large chunk of the day in a modern, air conditioned office that is filled with artificial lights and whirring electronic equipment that never stops. On the other hand, choosing to work from home can make a difference because it gives you the flexibility to implement some changes to your life.

Perhaps it will give you the chance to care for some plants in your home, to cook meals with locally sourced ingredients or to explore environmentally friendly ways of cooling the area in and around your home.

With a good internet connection you can get fast, flexible access to global financial markets from your home no matter what time of day you want to trade stock, commodities or currencies. If you are trying out this way of living for the first time and need some help, then you will find reliable 24-hour customer support on offer on IG Group trading platform. Such services are very welcome, as potential new traders need to feel safe and supported despite working from home.


Invest in Sustainable Companies

The final approach is perhaps the easiest to implement of all the ideas we have looked at. If you truly believe that a company provides a solution that could lead to a healthier planet for future generations then when why not invest in them?

There are lots of companies in the Middle East and farther afield that are doing a terrific job in looking for solutions that make the world a better place to live in. It can be interesting and enlightening, as well as satisfying, to search for them and then make an investment in their vision.



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