The 5 Best Gaming Headphones for 2018

Gaming isn’t just a waste of time. A whole pile of new games are out now, like ECO that let’s you build a more perfect world. When it comes to immersing yourself deeper in your video games, there is nothing better than a great set of gaming headphones. The market is so crowded though, how do you choose from all of the options out there?

Of course, this depends on a number of factors. Which is more important to you, quality or price? Are you looking for the best headphones on a budget, or are you looking to splurge and get the best gaming headphones you can? Answering those questions will largely determine the gaming headphones that are right for you.

Here are the five best gaming headphones you can buy in 2018.

1.HyperX Cloud Revolver

This headset offers three major features that are important to gamers: comfort, impressive sound, and affordable quality. Many similar headsets cost a lot more, but this one offers 50 mm drivers and a steel frame.

The big drawback to this set is that it isn’t wireless. It is compatible with nearly any system that uses a 3.5 mm jack, and you can get converters for other audio interfaces like the XBox One.

The comfort comes from memory foam leather pads that are comfortable for hours. The microphone is detachable but of the highest quality. It’s adjustable to fit almost any sized head.

For the price point, the sound is impressive, and the style makes this affordable.

2.Sennheiser Game One

These headphones are excellent, and clearly one of the reasons is that they come from one of the finest manufacturers in the industry. The comfort is nearly unsurpassed, and the noise cancelling microphone delivers clear communication even in the most crowded of environments.

The open acoustic design and the stellar frequency response make this one of the better headphones in a reasonable price range, although they are a little more expensive than their counterparts. The open back design does let others in the environment hear your game as well.

It also doesn’t isolate you from the outside noise. This can be a good thing, depending on whether or not you want to hear the doorbell or phone while you are gaming.

These are also not wireless, but they do connect with a 3.5 mm detachable cable to all of your devices, again with an adapter for XBox One.

3.HyperX Cloud Stinger

This is the least expensive of these headsets, and it performs well. Like the more expensive HyperX headphones mentioned above, these ones have two 50mm drivers, and they deliver pretty good sound.

However, this is a no-frills design. The headphones are constructed of plastic, and the earphones are covered with a faux-leather.

The microphone is not detachable, but it does cut down the background noise. The disadvantage is your online friends can hear you even when they don’t want to. This is a big disadvantage. Like the others in this list, they are not wireless, and attach with standard 3.5 mm jack.

4.Astro Gaming A50

The Astro Gaming A50 is the first wireless example here, and if you are willing to invest your money, the quality of the sound and the headphones themselves are amazing. The sound is in Dolby Digital 7.1, clear and crisp. Of course, you have to charge wireless headphones, and the A50 makes this easy with a base you can simply set it in.

The battery life is good at 15 hours, and they have a 30-foot range that makes it easy. It has a Mix-Amp feature lets you balance the chat and in game sounds whichever way you want. There are blue accent or green accent types available for PlayStation 4 or XBox One.

These are also the most expensive of the headphones tested so far, but if you are ready to splurge, they will be worth your investment.

5.SteelSeries Arctis 7

There are three different models in the SteelSeries: the 3, 5, and top of the line 7. The seven is wireless, but all three models offer Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound. The Arctis 7 is self-adjusting and based on the elastic design of ski goggles. All of these have a sleek design and comfortable ear pads. You can accessorize the headset by swapping headbands.

The Arctis 7 has steel alloy elements. While they are compatible with every gaming console, but unfortunately for them to work with the XBox One, you will need a cable which is provided. It has a 15-hour battery life, and also charges quickly.

When it comes to choosing headphones for gaming, there are a lot of individual features you may want to explore to determine what is right for you. For some a detachable microphone is critical, and wireless, rechargeable headphones are better if you can afford them.

These are just five of the many choices but are perhaps the best of 2018. All of them have great comfort, good sound, and are compatible with a number of game systems. In the end, your budget will largely determine the choices you make.



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