SmartFlower solar system follows the sun

Solving solar power has enabled this renewable energy technology Smart Flower to create Middle East solar projects for West Bank farmers and other energy poor locations. It is also providing solar power for curing post-revolution darkness in countries like Yemen.

While many solar energy projects involve covering large open areas with solar array panels, smaller personal solar energy equipment mostly involves covering the roofs of private houses and other buildings with non-aesthetic solar panels to provide enough electric power. A new solar energy system, SmartFlower, not only solves the problem of aesthetics for private homes and businesses; it also provides a very practical flower shaped system that literally follows the sun to create solar power.

The device resembles a kind of mechanical sunflower that opens like a flower in the morning and rotates during to day to track and follow the sun to take advantage of the sun’s maximum energy potential. At night, or during bad weather, the device folds up like a flower.

SmartFlower’s compact size, ease of installation; and advanced energy creating capability in its unusual solar panels creates up to 40% more electrical energy than standard solar panels. This makes it an ideal energy solution for locations where there is a lack of space for using conventional solar panels. People owning electric EV cars can also use SmartFlower for recharging EV battery packs during daylight hours. A perfect use example is a shopping mall or office park where EV vehicles can be receiving power while their owners work or shop.

A household SmartFlower device has an electricity creating capacity of 4,000 to 6.200 KWh per year; more than enough for a family or small business’ electrical power needs. An advanced model, SmartFlower Plus (photo below), has special storage batteries to store energy for after daylight or emergency “off the grid” use.

SmartFlower is available in a variety colors, making it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. In the realm of solar energy technology, it’s definitely something new under the sun.

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