Sharjah wins Arab Tourism Capital award 2015

man at sea in sharjah

According to a recent report, Sharjah – a city named after its state, one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates criteria set forth by the Arab Council of Tourism Ministers. It must be actively attempting to: increase tourism exchange with other Arab countries, promote the region’s appeal on the international market, sustain natural attractions, uphold heritage sites and cultural values, etc.

Sharjah promises fun for the whole family, with beautiful white beaches and water sports, camping along the coast, a “cultural palace” and a history museum, and interminable shopping opportunities. The Blue Souk, or Central Souk, is where 600 merchants set up shop. Then there’s the Souk al Arsah, the oldest market place in the UAE, where one can find genuine pearls from the Gulf.














The honor of being named Arab Tourism Capital is showcased in the brightly colored logo shown above. There’s something special about the skyline that forms the bottom border…did you see it?

If you read Arabic, look closer: the buildings spell out “Sharjah.” This graphic design is the perfect pictorial representation of what Sharjah is proud to be: a modern city that embraces its Arabic roots.

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