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Plant a tiny landscape on your finger with a Secret Wood ring

nature in a ringWe love to report on eco-jewelry, from charms made from beach sand or breast milk to necklaces made from recycled teeth and bones. Now a Canadian jeweler is creating miniature landscapes made from wood, jewelry resin, and beeswax – frozen vignettes of natural settings that you can wear on your fingers.

Choose from a verdant forest glen, or a snowy alpine hilltop, or dive deep into a mysterious blue lagoon. This is something that might pull your attention from your smart phone screen and encourage a mini-meditation wherever you happen to be, when you need a tranquil escape.

nature in a ringThe designs are unique, combining the warmth of real wood with faceted and transparent “gemstones” which encase the scene, much like a static snow globe. Every ring handcrafted, ensuring yours is one of a kind.

The people at Secret Wood say that with usual care, the ring is long-lasting and durable, and generously offer to replace any breakages free. They are so eager to satisfy, they will email you a photo of your order before shipping to confirm you are happy with the colors and shape.

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It takes about 5 weeks to make your ring, and ship worldwide. Prices are reasonable, ranging from $90 to $180 depending on style.

Scanning the testimonials on their Facebook page, it seems these are popular choices for engagement rings, bumping out diamonds as the smarter environmental (and economic!) choice.

secret wood jewelry You can see more styles on Facebook and on their online store, where you can get sizing tips and place orders. A line of pendants is in development.
green jewelryAll images from Secret Wood website.

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