Discover the Future allows you to discover 100s of manufacturers and makers, companies, concepts and solutions related to energy, healthcare and environmental development and technologies.

We do not distinguish by company type or product in the first place. First we focus were the problem is, these are organized by different categories such as expertise-fields, industries and markets. We try to showcase everything we can find related to this particular field. This can be everything, from pure concepts, to individual service providers, over organisations, to large manufacturing companies. Our goal is to showcase as much as possible to a particular field.

There are two key ways to navigate the platform: Browsing, and Searching.

Browse and Search

Browsing allows you to explore the processes, materials, tools and machinery that you need to get things going. Using the browse drop down menu or directory sidebar, you can explore collections of the different expertise - fields, industries, processes, materials, and locations listed on You can also browse all of our solutions on the A-Z of suppliers.

Searching is for those that have a particular process to source, problem to solve, or an idea in mind that they are trying to realize or get made.

You can search for a solution provider using a particular environmental process.
You can search for a particular material.
You can search to find specific locations. Or you can take a look at our world map.
You can also search using terms about the problem you try to solve.
If you still haven't found what you are looking for, then contact us and we can put it on our 'to find' list.

If you are not sure of what you are looking for, you can consult us, to help you. You can also find further solutions, technology guides and inspiration on the environmental-care-technology Blog.


Environmental Engineering is where you can find the innovative people, that you've been looking for by building relationships with makers, innovators, factories and workshops face to face.

We collect in-depth, practical information including company size and capacity, turnaround times, minimum order costs and previous clients and projects. This is so that you can evaluate whether that company, concept or solution is right for your project/task before getting in touch.

We are commited to making sure that this information is open, accurate and up to date.

Using this platform means that you can get in touch with a solution provider directly.

The Environmental Engineering Community

Environmental Engineering is about making energy, heathcare, and environmental technology self-sufficient, locally, accessible and affordorable.

In addition to our digital platform, we run offline events, such as innovator meet-ups, film screenings, discussion-nights, factory tours and Maker-Speed-Dater evenings.