Natural weight loss by running for your spirit

I started running last year. Adminttedly, I had a few pounds that I wanted to lose, but it was mainly on my stomach. Going into my early 30s, I’d noticed some belly fat. Probably from one too many nights going out at the pub in Dubai. So I made a deal with myself: start running for 6 months and see what happens. If there is a notable change in my body I will get a reward: a trip to Paris to eat croissants. Now, I like to do things in a kind earth sort of way. Never liked the idea of a gym or drinking too many power shakes or a vegan diet. I respect that but I wanted some way to better health that suited my way of life. So I started running.

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I read somewhere that you need at least half an hour of running to make any impact on your heart, so I picked 40 minutes. A friend of mine who is athletic said that one day on and one day off is a good approach, that your metabolism will change indwell work differently on your day off, so the deal I made with myself was one day run, one day off.

I would run for 40 minutes every other day. Twenty minutes in one direction and 20 in the other. And I did it. A few things I decided in advance in order to make it work: I would keep running no matter how hard it hurt, but I could go as slow as I needed to, and would slow down at any point. I would sprint at least once in a run cycle. And most importantly: I would not weigh myself. There is a tricky balance between fat and muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat so even when your body is toning and improving and working on melting the fat, you might not notice the change.

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It’s been about eight months. I weighed myself after the first 6, and even though I noticed the fat slide away from my face and stomach area, I waited because I didn’t want a number to influence my mood. To my surprise, I’d lost 10 pounds.

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What I can sum up from running and to help move along your spirit if you are looking to lose weight and feel better?

Here is my advice to running for life!

Don’t run to lose weight. Do it to feel better. Do it to extend your life, strengthen your bones, so feel better about yourself at the end of the day. The weight will move in the right direction if you are motivated.

Don’t give up on your schedule. If you have committed to 40 minutes every two days, with no stopping, like I did, then stick to it. Imagine if you are a parent not feeding your kid or pet in the morning? Look at yourself and this task in the same way: it’s not optional. You have to do it because someone depends on you (you).

Do it wherever you roam. You may travel for work or pleasure but never stop your regimen. You will quickly see how jogging and running through new environments will open your eyes to new people and places. I’ve seen a ton of new sights on my runs, and wildlife too, especially in those odd hours when people are asleep.

Do use music if you need it for motivation. Having a great place list that motivates you helps. After some months I found that a quiet mind worked better. Some people use mantras or ask themselves questions to work on things in the mind during the run.

Don’t be surprised if your appetite changes. I used to crave chocolate and sweets and since I have been running have felt my appetite for those things has drifted away, a pleasant byproduct of being active. But do listen to your body cravings. Give it what it wants!



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