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Linear actuators on solar trackers and what this all means!

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In the recent past, renewable energy has been in the limelight of most of the countries and global corporations. This is due in part to the fact that, there is need to develop sustainable means of energy production that does not have negative impacts on the environment. Solar power is one of the major options and employs 12 v actuators for the solar trackers to maximize the amount of energy harvested.

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The linear actuators are highly favored relative to the fact that they help achieve the desired movement with precision. These are actuators that enhance the element of automation of the solar arrays. Ideally this is geared towards ensuring that the solar arrays achieve the best levels of efficiency by placing the solar panels at the correct angles for insolation (or solar irradiation). Solar energy is slowly gaining popularity as one of the main energy sources of the future as the world shifts towards cleaner energy options. It is a must for regions in the Middle East.

In the past, most of the solar panels would be placed on a fixed array. This meant that, for most of these panels, they only got to their best efficiency during the peak hours of the days. Ideally, the sun moves from East to West, which is associated with the rotation of the Earth. As such, the solar plants have to ensure that they are able to move their solar panels to the positions that best give the highest level of insolation. This means that the solar panels are constantly converting at a higher rate than for the static panels on most conventional platforms such as rooftops. It is estimated that, with the mobile solar panel arrays, the level of efficiency is increased by close to 50%. This is a significant gain compared to the static arrays.



As such, the use of the solar trackers has become crucial, as they help with the placement of the solar panels relative to the insolation quotients. The linear actuators are important when it comes to delivering the right mechanism for the movement required. This is relative to the fact that, of the many types of actuators, they are considered to give the most accurate movement relative to inputs.

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The 12v linear actuators are also associated with easy installation, relative to the fact that all they need is a power source and means of controlling them. Some of the best examples that commonly used with the solar panels arrays are the PA-17 industrial actuators that are used together with the PA-17 control boxes. These are actuators that are quite strong as they can handle forces estimated at 2000 lbs. When setting up the solar arrays, the users have to make sure that they are secured and safe. This is crucial relative to the capital outlay associated with setting up the solar arrays.

With the 12v actuators, it is easy for the users to take advantage of the movement precision offered. It is important to mention that, while tracking the sun is going to increase the level of insolation on the panels, there is a catch. The movement of the solar panels has to be precise to the position of the sun and more importantly to the controls. If the precision of the actuators is compromising, the efficiency of the solar panels will not be achieved and in fact may even be more inefficient that the conventional fixed solar arrays.

Now you know all about actuators!

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