How to find safe dating sites that match your values

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In case you are wondering, Tinder is not a dating site. But if you are busy like me, often working at home, then dating may require you to be online. Today it is easier to meet in an online venue than to actually meet face to face (when we work in pajamas!) and there are plenty of good dating sites where you can meet like-minded people who care about the earth. To begin with, it is very important to understand how online dating works before starting to contact people, but more important than whom you meet, the where is critical. Be sure to make use of add-ons and online reviews to find safe and good dating sites.

Consider what sort of dating site you are looking for

Some sites are geared towards those who are just looking for a friend or for a shorter romance while others are set to match people for life. You need to consider if you are looking to get married or if you just want to meet interesting people. This will influence how you connect to a dating site. Since online dating has lost its stigma you need to be prepared for all types of people being out there and it is advisable to choose a dating portal that caters to your specific needs and expectations. There are Muslim-friendly, Jewish-friendly, Christian-friendly and even vegan-friendly options and websites!

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Use smart add-ons to stay clear of frauds

Let millions of other online users warn you against dangerous dating sites that you should never sign up for! Recent studies have confirmed what many of us have suspected a long time, a large percent of online daters lie about things; how old they are, marital status and even about having children. With Web of Trust you will stay clear of fraudulent sites that let these people roam their pages. This is a Firefox add-on that is easy to install and that gives you warnings and updates from millions of users. If a dating site is dangerous (or you are about to date a smoker or meat eater (we jest!), it will be filtered out to your advantage!

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Read reviews by other online daters

Like Reddit does for technology, you should also have a look at what people say in reviews of online sites. In regular forums online you can read authentic opinions from people who actually tried the service. You can also post questions and see if there are people in the forum who can tell you a word or two about the dating site that you are considering. This can be done anonymously so you don’t have to reveal your plans to meet your partner online to anyone if you feel that this is a bit embarrassing.



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