How to establish your own eco-friendly salon

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Anyone who has enough capital and passion for making others look and feel beautiful can establish a salon. Unfortunately, the many environmentally-harmful products that are available nowadays are causing many of these people so passionate for beauty to have second thoughts about establishing their own salons. If you are one of the people held back by the presence of these beauty products made from harmful chemicals, know that there are ways to build an environmentally-friendly salon. These steps are highlighted below.

* Use and Sell Recyclables
recycle plastic bottles in your hair salon

Each year, billions of pounds of disposed plastic leak into seawater. With global population slowly, but steadily increasing, the amount of plastic is expected to increase. Keep in mind that plastic is made from materials that can disrupt reproductive systems and worse, cause cancer. Fortunately, there now are are plastic salon products that do not contain these harmful materials, as well as glass salon products, that you can sell and use.

* Use and Offer Cruelty-Free Products

reasons to become vegertarian

Millions of animals die of cruel and unusual deaths annually due to animal testing, and millions more are caged to serve as test subjects for beauty products. Paying no heed to the undue suffering of these animals will eventually cause a major imbalance in the world’s ecosystem. When this happens, lives of billions of people are at risk.

Prevent severe ecosystem imbalance by only purchasing cruelty-free products endorsed by animal rights groups. There are many such products out there, so there’s no need to worry about having to slash a few services off your list of services.

* Offer and Use Keratin Treatments that are Truly Formaldehyde-Free

People in the beauty industry are no strangers to the highly controversial keratin treatments. Many that are supposedly formaldehyde-free actually contain high levels of formaldehyde. While it’s true that formaldehyde is a substance can be found in nature, it is a known cancer-causing substance and thus should be avoided as much as possible. So do your research right now to know which treatments are actually formaldehyde-free. Then acquire these products for use in the salon.

* Use Environmentally-Friendly Decorations

"upcycled rug chair"

Show to the world that you truly care for the environment by putting up environmentally-friendly decorations in your salon. Eco-friendly decorations are recyclable artwork that were produced using sustainable and eco-friendly methods. Compliment these decorations with paint free of VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds. VOCs can cause considerable harm to those exposed. They cause breathing difficulties, throat irritation, and even cancer.

* Make Energy Saving a Habit in Your Salon

There are so many ways to save electricity and water in your salon. These resource-saving methods may be small things but when combined together, they can help you save so much. Some simple practices that can be employed in your establishment include the use of skylights (like the one above) energy-efficient lights, bulbs, and other electrical essentials and the regular checking of pipes and taps for leaks. Other ways to help save energy include the use of eco-friendly brushes and hair dryers, the use of natural extensions such as those you can obtain from Human Hair Extension Online, and the installation of water recycling systems.

* Use Hair Colour That Does Not Have Ammonia

Offering ammonia-free hair colour (like henna) is most likely the best thing you can do for your old and new clients. While colouring with ammonia is effective—ammonia ensures that the colour will stick to hair for a very long time—their use is linked to numerous health concerns. In addition, these products, when mixed, bring about fumes that do more than just make the air in the salon irritating to the nose.

The above steps are proof that there is no need to put the environment at risk in the process of making people look more beautiful. So if you’ve long wanted to build your own salon but are having second thoughts due to your concerns about the environment, realise that there really is nothing to fear.












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