Gazan Condoms Used For War, Not Love

Do those look like condoms? But they are. Gazan protesters are pumping helium requisitioned from hospitals to send condom-balloons as far as possible into Israeli areas. The condom-balloons have explosives attached to their tails. Some can be ignited by remote control.

Helium condoms have made their way to Israeli homes. On Sunday, a family in Moshav Beit HaGadi found two tangled in backyard trees.The Israel Police bomb squad was able to dispose of the explosives safely.

Families in the towns of Sderot and Netivot also found the distinctive white condoms in their backyards. In one case, a child ran out to inspect what she thought was a toy that had floated in, but her grandfather managed to get her out of harm’s way until the sappers arrived.

explosive condoms Gaza

Photo credits: and Israel Police.




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