Drink your car’s AC runoff water

ford water car engine drinking

Creating potable drinking water from the air is coming closer to being everyday reality, with companies like Drinkable Air already offering devices that create drinkable water from thin air. This idea is already in use by some military forces, including the Israeli and US military, for creating drinking water in arid regions where obtaining clean drinking water supplies is difficult at best.

Anyone running their car’s AC system in hot weather, often notices the runoff water when parking afterwards (photo).

ford water car engine drinking

These ideas have now gone a step further with prototype devices being developed by automotive manufacturers to harvest the AC runoff in cars and produce clean drinking water while you drive!  Ford Motor Company, for example, is testing a prototype device that creates up to half a gallon or 2 liters of cool drinking per hour by simply utilizing the car’s AC runoff while driving. An illustration of this technology:

As in other water from air devices, the amount of humidity determines how much water vapor is available to produce the runoff. Filtration devices are required to rid the water from impurities, including bacteria.

Vehicle AC water systems are likely to be desirable in regions where potable fresh water supplies are less available. These regions include much of the Middle East, Africa and the Indian Sub Continent. Being able to utilize water that normally runs off to the ground while driving can be very helpful in areas where clean water supplies are scarce.

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Photo of car AC drain tube, by KIA Soul forums




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