5 benefits of greening your business


Going green is the latest business tends that paving the way for a corporate and social change. A green workplace and green business operations have numerous benefits for business owners. Using green strategies in your business can improve efficiencies, save you money, reduce waste and build your public image. Both large corporates and small businesses can convert their existing operations into entities that support sustainable use of resources wherever possible. Here are five benefits of implementing green strategies in your business.

#1 Save Money and Reduce Waste

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Improve the overall operating efficiency of your business by going green. You can trim out excessive and unnecessary overheads and costs by turning to green practices. Creating a paperless environment is an example of a green practice that eliminates waste. Instead of paper records that take up space, or the need to print documents, all of your customer information and business forms are stored in the cloud and not on paper.

The money that you spend on implementing a paperless CRM solution will pay for itself. Use sustainable suppliers for ink cartridge refills, instead of throwing the entire cartridge away, offer employees car allowances for hybrid vehicles, and set up your business to run on a solar energy system, rather than the electrical grid.

#2 A Green Workplace

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Running and maintaining your business location requires the use of cleaning products that are harmful to your environment. Do an audit of all of your suppliers and change any that do not offer environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Keep your offices clean but don’t harm the environment while you are doing it. Remember to recycle any waste that is generated by your company and dispose of all organic waste in accordance with environmental regulations and procedures.

#3 Positive Public Image

We live in the twenty-first century, and business needs to provide leadership to the communities it serves. Take the high-road and set the initiative by going green. The public will see your company as an environmentally responsible entity that cares about the environment that it operates in and serves. While image should not be the primary motivating factor to go green, it’s interesting to note that companies that do make the change, experience higher profits and better user engagement from their target markets.

#4 Take Advantage of Tax Breaks

State and federal laws on emissions have presented companies with challenges that they will need to overcome in reducing their carbon footprint. Companies such as General Electric and FedEx have instituted programs and green technologies that reduce their emissions and allow them to meet compliance with the state regulations.

Incentives and tax rebates are also available at state level. In certain states, such as Florida, companies that produce and sell renewable electricity to the local communities are offered tax breaks on their operations. All businesses in the state of Florida are also exempt from sales tax related to the purchase and maintenance of renewable and sustainable energy systems and technologies. The IRS will allow deductions on hybrid green vehicles and other expenses that are related to environmentally-friendly business practices.

Tax rebates are also available for corporate responsibility programs that have an environmental initiative. This program allows corporates to give back to the community and receive a reward for creating a positive social impact for change.

#5 Create Sustainability

The ultimate goal of implementing a green business strategy is not to improve profits or take advantage of tax breaks. The primary objective of a green business initiative is to create a sustainable environment that is conducive to growth and efficient management of natural resources for the future. Climate change is affecting living conditions all around the world. By standing up and claiming responsibility, companies can make the changes they need to operate effectively and efficiently while reducing the impact they make on the environment.

The Final Thought

Going green with your business has numerous advantages for your financial health and your public image. Financial institutions are also likely to provide capital to companies that support an environmentally friendly initiative, making funding a green tech company easier than a traditional business model. Research into grants and government incentives available in your industry. Learn how you can take advantage of government programs to help your company make the change to a green future.



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